PhenQ review – All Rounder Weight Loss Supplement or a hoax?

PhenQ Review says that if you are looking for a pill that can reduce weight, increase metabolism and improve energy levels all with one swallow, PhenQ is what you need. It does sound incredibly tempting. There has been a surge in obesity along with resulting cardiothoracic diseases. People are all looking for a short cut to avoid the hard work and sweating.

Exercise is ideally the best way to lose weight. What is the need for a drug to do what a regular routine, good food and sleep can do? What about the side effects on the system? Are there any chances of residual chemicals in the body that could hurt the liver and the kidney? Will the production of hormones be hit? Will the intestines fail? Is the drug safe?

These are questions that any logical person should ask when a miracle drug such as the PhenQ hits the market. PhenQ reviews must be taken seriously into account.


PhenQ Facts

The name implies the presence of a powerful yet effective prescription drug. It has helped people lose weight. It increases the metabolism and improves the flow of the fat into the blood to be converted to energy.

The presence of calcium in the pill is for a reason. It has nothing to do with weight loss. It is used as a filler ingredient. It is a cheap antacid ingredient that is available over the counter.

It is also a fact that there are increased chances of strokes and heart attacks. Seeing as the fat that is pumped into the bloodstream can block the arteries, it seems very obvious that there could be serious cardiac issues. The pill contains a lot of stimulants to energise the person and make them more active. This energy boost is likely to result in the urge to exercise and lose weight. Burning of the accumulated fat is a result of the pill.

The availability of the drug in the market is restricted because of this reason. Rightly so.