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Break The Rules; View Private Instagrams Using Some Cheats

Though every user locks his Instagram profile and account with a particular privacy setting, it is not that very difficult to break through the gates. You need to be a little smart in viewing the private Instagrams. Generally a male`s Instagram profile is easy to be unlocked than a female`s. All you have to do is to open a fake account with a female name and use some girl`s picture. Now try to write something nice about your fake identity trying to catch the attention of the person whose profile you would like to unlock. Now add some more pictures and videos to your duplicate Instagram account. This method does not work all the time and you may or may not be able to be successful in opening the other person`s account. It is not certain that the other person might get attracted to your profile allowing you an access.


If you question yourself as to whether doing this is legal, you will realize that it is definitely not. Sneaking a peak into other`s accounts or personal details is certainly not a good thing and that`s why the privacy settings were brought in here in this app to safeguard the account holder and his/ her personal detail. Technology is a boon and equally a bane. When developers can bring in something new with this advancement, they will always have ways and means to breach the rule. And Instagram is no exception. Though the user is allowed to use the privacy settings, at times these settings do not solve the purpose and people start following ticks to
get an easy access to any account. This way of viewing other`s profile is so far working good and Instagram uses a bug to make this possible. This might in the future stop working which is much awaited. But it is always good to have a legal entry. Click here to view private instagram for any account.